Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real Housewives of ATL

Okay already! I've gotten a million and one phone calls and emails concerning my thoughts on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ummmm I guess me likey. And, I’m going to tell you right now so don’t get it twisted once the season starts in September do not I repeat do not mess with Ne Ne. During the preview she did tell somebody they can meet her in ten minutes. Ummm I bet a dollar it was Sheree. Okay let me give you my take on the dolls and please don’t call me if you disagree this is my blog and ummm only my opinion counts. You can leave a comment and I might approve it or I might not. Don’t take it personal. Anywhos!

Ne Ne: I like her probably because she is pretty down to earth and it appears she will be representing for the hood. She’s not as- caught up in the rah rah of being an urban socialite as the others are. Swagger Tag: Always keeping it 100!

Kim: The other girl ummm yeah who refuses to disclose her sugga daddy’s real name wants to be like Barbie as in the doll! (WTF) Moving so right along on this ish. Who the hell goes into a dealership and doesn’t bother to negotiate the price of a vehicle? Ummmm my point exactly something ain’t really right. Swagger Tag: We waiting to hear you sing boo boo! La la la la la…

Lisa Wu Hartwell: I like her and she appears to be a really sweet individual. She’s not trying as hard as you know who! She’s not on the show openly flaunting her wealth and bougeeness. Swagger Tag: I am a real socialite not just pretending, hoping, wishing, and waiting.

DeShawn Snow: Ummm yeah….moving right along…but naw fo’real. Who in the hells has a damn house staff of all them peoples…she been reading too many damn books and not the Urban Fiction ones either. At the end of the day true socialites would never spend money so unnecessarily. Eric need to get like Deon Sanders don’t nobody need no damn estate manager.
Let me stop I went to church last night. Swagger Tag: Trying too hard! We see you boo boo.

Sheree: Ummm I don’t have any words so I’ll have to say no comment…(I’ll get back to her at a later date)
Swagger Tag: Stop it mami! Are you really SERIOUS?

For those of you who missed the episode here is a link and be sure to watch all three:

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Queen B posing for the camera!

Fashion Rocks Magazine is featuring Queen B in all of her fabulousness. She is looking fierce and fly as usual, well of course! She is a world wide woman and I don’t expect anything less from Beyonce’.


Solange dressed to impressed and looking ultra chic while out in London this week. She was caught by the media while taking a break.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Karrine Steffans invites U...

Exclusive and VIP message from Karrine Steffans: B-Day Invite for Twitters only!

Twitter up with Karrine Steffans and get added to her VIP exclusive Twitter list for her upcoming B-Day bash in the ATL on August 23 at Studio 72. Send your government name directly to Karrine via Twitter. Please no bogus replies because we do throw rocks.(giggle giggle) Get connected via Twitter and do it how the Twitters do it. Fabulous and fly technology rocks!

To get connected to Twitter and Karrine here is the link:

AUTHOR'S KORNA:OMAR TYREE calling it quits

Omar Tyree a veteran in the Urban Fiction or in his case African-American adult fiction publishing game has decided to sat down and ummm RETIRE. I know I know this is not NBA basketball or NFL football but he is hell bent on retiring. Alrightee then-according to my fabulous and favorite Urban Fiction website, WWW.URBANBOOKSOURCE.COM the 16 book author that wrote Fly Girl is calling it quits because his pen has finally run out of ink. Tyree blames the hotness and demand of true Urban Fiction and Street Literature on his demise and fall from grace.

"Teri Woods, Vickie Stringer, Nikki Turner, Shannon Holmes, K'wan, and several others, related to my "urban classics" alone, and they began to match it, writing from their own sources of hardcore street knowledge. And I can't knock them for writing their honest stories. I can't knock them for wanting to be published. I can't knock them for earning an honest living. But after awhile, as dozens of other new writers began to follow in their footsteps, creating more gold-digging, ghetto girl, gangster love, drug-dealer stories, I had to seriously ask myself, "Don't we have some other things to write about it?"

Tyree’s foxy and unfly comments can be found all over the internet as he screams foul play from his soap box in reference to his novels falling off. It is primo funny how he effortlessly blames Urban Fiction. “For the record, I never called my work “street literature” and I never will. When I began to publish ground breaking contemporary novels with Flyy Girl in 1993, and Capital City in 1994, I called them “urban classics.” They were “urban” because they dealt with people of color in the inner-city or “urban” population areas. They were “classics” because I considered myself one of the first to start the work of a new era. But now, after sixteen years and sixteen novels in the African-American adult urban fiction game, I feel like the man who created the monster Frankenstein. Things have gotten way out of hand. So it’s now time to put up my pen and move on to something new, until the readership is ready to develop a liking for fresh material on other subjects.” Oh poor you!

The Urban Fiction community has mixed thoughts on Omar’s reckless words towards the industry and can be viewed on WWW.URBANBOOKSOURCE.COM where their message and comment boards are being flooded with thoughts on his retirement. Omar Tyree has a new book called the Pecking Order so it will be interesting to see if this was simply a publicity stunt or not.

In closing Tyree rants and raves, "If the only way I can earn a living now in African-American adult fiction is to sell my people the same poison that they've become addicted to, then I quit with my artistic integrity still in tact, while moving on to a more progressive mission."

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OH JOY! Nelly

Oh joy Nelly has signed on to be a spokes model for Sean John undies…me so likey!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be gracing Bravo this week with a 30 minute sneak peek on July 30th at midnight and there is no official word when the regular 7, one hour episodes will begin. Bravo is also gearing up with The Real Housewives of New Jersey as well.

They call him Diddy!

Ummm yeah Diddy was out and about this weekend with the fam probably trying to diffuse rumors of his bogus engagement to R&B singer Cassie, which surfaced on blogs last week. On other Diddy news word has it that he has a new show hitting MTV on August 4th called,

“I Want To Work For Diddy”. MTV showed a sneak peek of the show recently. Should be interesting.

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Pictures from

NBA baller and lady friend involved in car crash!

NBA playboy, Kenyon Martin, and Trina, rap artist, were involved in a car crash this weekend. They traveled from Miami to Belize on Friday to attend a b-ball tournament. While the couple was in route surrounded by a police motorcade, which may have forced the ongoing traffic to go around them on the tight two lane highway and caused the fatal accident. Trina and Kenyon were merely shaken up and two other passengers were injured according to

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Looking for books!

Book Capers

Oh no they didn’t! Oh yes they did! Lil Kim and Foxy Brown are being sued by ummmm the book twins, Simon & Schuster, as they claim the two icons of the rap game never delivered on books they were given an advance to write. Foxy Brown was given $75k to write a book titled “Broken Silence” in 2005. Lil Kim was given 40k in 2003 to write a book. Well it’s 2008 and ummm Simon & Schuster finally figured out that they were jacked and the ladies pulled a simple book caper.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

CNN Presents: Black in America

CNN Presents: Black in America was very informing and extremely thought provoking. I was glued to the TV while eating a hot fudge sundae with pecans. (Yeah I know I didn't need it but I wanted it!) Back to the show...It was stressful to watch at times but it is what it is. What it does is causes each and every one of us to think as well as ponder on not just our own situations but our brothers and sisters situations. Many people have said negative things about the show but say what you will. It all comes down to accountability and we all play a part and have a profound role. Ask yourself how are you really making a difference in your child or children's life? How can you assist your brothers and sisters around you to elevate them? It's not just his problem or her problem anymore it has now become OUR problem. Part 2 airs tonight on CNN. Be there or be square!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blind Item #1~Author's Korna

Drum Roll….

Author’s Korna

Well it’s no damn secret that I have written a fictionalized tell all about the Urban Fiction aka Street literature genre. Say it ain’t so! Ummmm yeah trying to told yall it’s about to go down!!!! Guess that will bring me closer to a milli sooner than later! “Side eye stare”
Any whos let the fun begin…since I am the Urban Barbie Doll living in a Barbie world I’m just a toy and ain’t none of this ish really real. Think again and hi haters thanks for joining us here on Toy Box Talk where we love you with the love of the Lord most of the time.

Blind Item?
Let’s call her the SunGlass Diva. She thinks she is a major power player in the industry…oh alright she got a lil juice. But damnit she talk too damn much and she never shuts the fuck up. If she was True to the Game she wouldn’t constantly keep losing clients. I guess she didn’t really know she was so Amongst Thieves. She wanna be a Ride or Die Chick but he told naw. Well her Sideline Ho is Mr. G’s to Gents so I guess that makes her a real Diamond Playgirl. Let That Be the Reason you stop fucking up business next to Daddy’s House because we all know who the real Millionaire Mistress is. Imagine This I guess she thought she could take a few of us down but hell she ain’t know the Bitch is Back and was the Bitch Reloaded a while ago. Trying to shit on folk behind them ugly sunglasses while you climb to the top of sooooo many people SHYT LIST. Last I checked ain’t no damn sun out at night. I guess you learned class while watching Charm School. Keep playing with folk lively hood and you will always be the Mistress of the Game. Karma is a bitch because you Still Dirty. At the end of the day you are a lonely sunglass wearing Black Widow but not the one Nikki wrote about. Always in the middle of a damn Sticky Situation. I think The Pink Palace might be hiring. See if you can have this blog black balled while you are making calls always trying to bring us down. Yeah I’m still standing and Notorious will be out soon enough! Actually a lot of us that you attempted to throw stones at are doing well. Primo thanks for the fabulous and fly free publicity and marketing me likey. Wrapping this up I got one word for you…BITCHASSNESS!

When you see her sporting her bootleg designer sunglasses at book events, bookstores, in the mall, at the office, and at the club run because the disease is contagious.

Story is still developing…
Bling Category: Tales of the Sunglass Diva and the disease BITCHASSNESS…run if you see her and any of her puppets.

Here are a few symptoms of the disease if you are in the industry and were around her within the last few years. Can’t get your work done cause you are on Myspace checking everybody in the Urban Fiction or Street Literature comments. Telling your clients who they can and can not associate with. If you are losing clients cause you on that ish. If everyone hates you because you keep on fucking with people cause you don’t have a life, and last but not least if you find yourself wearing sunglasses whether rain, sleet, or snow. If you get mad because an author tells you they want to self-publish so you make it your mission in life to black ball them. Any of the above symptoms…stay away from the rest of the industry because you have been infected. Hi hater!

106 and Park...the saga continues

In good faith skinny dude, Terence, sent his dearest Rocsi a card/letter and some flowers! Ummm how sweet is that…me likey! While Terrence is on vacation Rocsi is doing the show with a few celeb co-hosts. Trying to told yall they should have asked Frankie to co-host while the cast and crew worked out their differences. Any who the card/letter Terrence sent Rocsi whispered.

"Dear Rocsi, You and I have been together for two years and in that time we’ve become family. But sometimes we foolishly take family for granted and sometimes with family we take it too far. So let me say my dearest Rocsilla, I took it too far that Friday with my comment and I hope that you will forgive me. You are one of the most beautiful, talented and ambitious people I know and even the idea that I may have hurt you with my teasing has made me sad. From the bottom of my heart I hope that I will never ever ever hurt you again. It’s just not the same. A strong man needs a strong woman, so Rocsi please continue to be my rock. I have to take some time off from the show now but I hope to see you soon."
Love Terrence

Wendy Williams and Omarosa Catfight on TV

Ding Ding
Ummm yes indeed it went down on the Wendy Williams TV show yesterday. She had Omarosa the wanna be African-American socialite on her show promoting her new book. And, yes Wendy called her an “Angry Black Woman”! OMG…Omarosa kinda let her have it needless to say. Wendy didn’t really go there on her like she could have. Any who here’s the link so check it out for yourself.

We Missed The Party...

We missed Frankie’s B-Day bash in the ATL! She celebrated her B-Day according to at a party hosted by Monica, Porsche Foxx, Keyshia, and Neffe. Killing the game with her swagga! Also Frankie is rumored to be getting her own show called HOLLA! Of course I’ll be watching as will the rest of the hood!

Go to for more pics!

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Okay since I just did my tribute to Frankie for the day I might as well touch on her daughter. Now see it’s some real ish going on between her and Jeezy. What had happened was that Jeezy was quoted in Vibe during an interview saying Keyshia asked to marry him and he had to tell her to fall back…all I wanna know is do Frankie know he said that about her baby…I think not. Any who a few days later a few bloggers dug up Keyshia’s interview in Essence Magazine from September 2007 and she was quoted but mentioned he asked her to marry him….ummmm WTF? All I gotta say is somebody lying. Check the quotes below!

Young Jeezy boasted to Vibe in their August 2008 issue.
“To be honest, it was more what she wanted. She was cool and we had a cool friendship. The media made it out to be something crazy. We kicked it. We hung out. Thing is, you can’t be cool with somebody you wanna be cool with [without the media thinking it's a relationship]...Keyshia asked me to marry her, bought me a ring and everything. She not gonna tell you different. I was grown enough to tell her, Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now. I’m trying to get my shit together. I’m trying to get my money, take care of me and mine.”

Keyshia whispered to Essence Magazine back in September 2007.
“I just couldn’t do it. It’s weird. After this guy proposed to me, I was like, dang, this is everything a woman lives for: to be married, with a ring, to be able to represent something. But for me, it was the opposite. I was scared. When you get married, you become one; you don’t live just for yourself anymore. I’m just not ready for that. I’m not done with my goals in life. What’s the word when you just kind of fall back and let your man do the man thing? Submit? I’m all jacked up on that word. I just couldn’t submit. But I loved him. That’s the crazy thing about it. It’s been hard because I really missed that child.”

~Story is still developing

The F is for Frankie, be'yatch...

If you know me you know how much I adore me some Frankie also known as Keyshia Cole’s mama. Get use to it because if Frankie is spotted out and about I feel obligated to report it. Man oh man if Frankie was my mother can I say all the busters and wankstas I know would have been put on blast! She definitely gets down for her crown! Tyra mail….holla…man down…she would be a joy to have in Urban Fiction don’t ya think?! (Inside Joke)

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Well many of you already know that Mos Def’s wife, Alana Wyatt, has written a book.
The two were married after knowing one another for only 96 hours…I could say so much more but I am sooooo over this ish! I did listen to two very long and interesting interviews with the subject. She did say all she wanted in life was a BMW truck, an education, and to buy an apartment (since when do you buy an apartment or is that something unique to Canada) You can listen for yourself the link is below…no further comment…well maybe one…can you say BITCHASSNESS?
Check out the link:

~Story still developing and who’s the blame? Damn maybe I should write a tell-all book and stop writing Urban Fiction??? I think NOT!!!! LMAO

Category: Another tell-all book by yet another Video Vixen and NBA Groupie. What happened to death before dishonor?


Barack Obama and family sat down with Access Hollywood for an exclusive interview last week and oh boy did the media go into overtime. Barack and Michelle Obama had no idea that granting the interview would be such a big deal. The presidential hopeful spoke out later informing all it will not happen again! I totally understand but, his daughters were honest and appeared to be quite comfortable in front of the cameras. Barack didn’t appreciate how it was plastered all over the cable stations…huh?!

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Hell no it ain’t so! According to the boy wonder, Diddy, bitchassness is at an all time high and has moved to a level orange threat level. Me no likey bitchassness so I’m checking around me for signs of the disease! My advice to you if you encounter someone with the disease run as far as you can because I hear the disease is rather contagious.

~This story is still developing…

It's going down on 106 and Park

Well well Terence clowned the hell out of Rocsi last week on 106 and Park. The network is trying to defuse the situation by saying it was planned…ummmm we know real when we see it damnit I saw the clips. Skinny dude Terrence teased Rocsi the entire show about how she was reading the teleprompter incorrectly. He later in the same show asked how come she ain’t got a body like Ciara…oh no he didn’t. Oh yes he did! She came back quick asking him why doesn’t he have a body like Nelly!!! Oh he had a look that could kill behind that priceless comment…he kept on messing with her and finally she just walked out…well damn!

~Story still developing…


Well of course since we are already talking about the fabulous ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I can’t forget to mention that they are also getting their very own Barbie Doll. The fabulous members will be able to meet and greek their newest member this week in Washington, D.C. at their Boule, which is a National Convention. The sophisticated and chic Barbie is decked out in a lovely and fly pink and green gown. The Chicago Sun Times reports all the elite details.
“Mattel Inc. created the limited-edition AKA Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority. The doll, outfitted in a pink and green evening gown, matching jeweled shoes and gold jewelry, honors the Chicago-headquartered sorority, the first established by black women.
The sorority has inducted about 200,000 members -- including actress Phylicia Rashad, educator Marva Collins and author Toni Morrison -- since its founding at Howard University in 1908. The Mattel doll will sell for $50 through the Barbie Collector catalog, the Barbie Web site and retailers. The sorority gets a percentage of the sales.”

Michelle Obama Is Now Sporting Pink And Green

Michelle Obama has been bestowed the honor of being inducted as an honorary member of AKA. It was announced on July 13, 2008 in Washington, D.C. that Michelle Obama in all of her fabulousness was inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc one day last week! Of course me likey! The majority of the women in my family are members and I am waiting patiently for the honorary member invite myself. (giggle, giggle, and hint, hint) In my 3x award winning novel, Mistress Me, my main character is an AKA.

~Story still developing in the world of Pink and Greenness
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