Tuesday, December 23, 2008



***Note: Halo was removed due to SONY(giggle giggle)***hell don't hate the playa hate THE GAME! AHH HA...I GOT IT ONCE AGAIN!



Well Babies here is a great interview with K.C. wherein she speaks on err'y thang from her show on BET to her infamous relationship with Yung Jeezy. Ummm yeah it's still not real clear who really asked who to marry who and who turned who down. Of course I have my thoughts, but I'll keep them to myself for a little while longer.For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about allow me to break it way down. Keyshia stated in Essence a while back that Yung Jeezy asked to marry her, however she said no. But here is where the plot thickens Shakespeare style. Yung Jeezy gave an interview after hers to Vibe and him said she asked him to marry her and he told her no. Well damn! Keyshia was very calm during the interview, which was a great look. Her new cd is absolutely pure hotness and that's all I have been listening to since the day it was released, however I did listen to my BFF Beyonce today while out sliding around in the snow trying to get to the grocery store.

Real Housewives of ATLANTA

Okay all ready!!! Word in the hood is that the Real Housewives of Atlanta will start shooting season 2 in February!!! Oh goodie!!! There are several reports indicating that Bravo will be gracing us with a sixth housewife. Two different women have been mentioned for this Oscar worthy role. Drum roll please....Tanya Ski and Dorys Erving. Who are they you non-celebrity watching Sassy Muffins may ask with a side eye stare. Ummm well, Tanya Ski is the famed Frank Ski's wife. Frank Ski is a radio host in the Atlanta area. If rumors are to be considered I guess his wife was asked to be on season one and they turned it down. Moving right along Dorys Erving who is the Hall of Famer, Julius 'Dr. J.'Ervings 2nd wife. Well since filming starts in a few months I'm sure more news is sure to come. Also it's not clear if the entire first season cast is returning. Let's cross our fingers that they will!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's a code 10 man down affair: Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail is set to hit a theater near you February 2009. I will be right there, high-heels and glossy lips!
The trailer is too funny!!!! Sooooo likey.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Pose for the camera now flick flick?! Derek Blanks is truly and unequivocally one of THE most talented photographers of our time. He has mastered his craft of taking pictures by shooting everyone from the unknown model to the well known celebrity. D. Blanks gives everyone’s press photo game a swagger they can be proud of in addition to a facelift or makeover.. He is not only a master at getting the right angle, but his photo shopping bling bling is certainly to die for. In addition to Derek being awesome and fly behind the lens of a camera his handsome spirit and willingness to perfect every picture just adds to his journey of being a true ICON behind the lens. His artistry and creative sense is whimsical and breathtaking. I’m certainly looking forward to doing a photo shoot with him soon. Congrats to Derek Blanks for putting such iconic thought, diamond swagger, and a surmountable passion behind every photo. Blanks is a connoisseur of imagery.
Below are a few of my favorite photos taken by Mr. Derek Blanks plus a video for your viewing pleasure.


Okay Babies I saw this fabulous letter on another site(necolebitchie.com) and I normally don't just do re-post, but after reading this I had to make an exception. All credit is given to blogger FlyGuy for the realness and honesty. This is just a simple letter that causes both men and women to pause and go ahhhh damn...is it really like that...I think it is. You can catch up to FlyGuy at flyguychronicles.com

Please enjoy...ladies brace yourself!!!

Fly Note: This piece is dedicated to every woman who takes Beyonce’s latest single “Single Ladies” literally. Please understand that her world does not provide a true depiction of every day life, so you have to view her songs purely for what they are … entertainment only.

Dear (Ex) Love,
We need to talk. Judging from the voicemail you just left me, I’m starting to believe that this Beyonce song, “Single Ladies…Put A Ring On It” has you confused about the true nature of our past and present relationship. When we decided to part ways, it was admittedly difficult for the both of us. I mean, let’s face it; all of the time and energy that we invested in our relationship made it hard to imagine life without you. In the end though, we both know that it was the right thing to do.

Did I miss you? Of course I did—which is why I let my emotions get the best of me when I saw you with that guy last night. I can own up to the fact that my behavior was wrong, but your response was way out of line. To suggest that I had no room to get angry because I never asked you to marry me … well that’s just ridiculous. But if you really want to play that game, then let me explain to you the real reasons that I never popped the question.

1. I will only place a ring on the finger of a woman that I deeply love and want to spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately, you never crossed that threshold.

2. You never had a plan for your life. You were just content with us being together, which would be cool if we were 19 or 20, but we’re not—so that’s not.

3. We lived together, slept together, ate together. And after experiencing all of that, there was still something deep inside of me that wasn’t convinced that you were the one. The familiarity kept the relationship going, but it wasn’t enough to make me pull the trigger.

4. Your insecurities pushed me away. No matter how much I tried to love you, you never thought you were good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough for me. At first it was understandable, considering the tough relationship that you had just come out of. But three years later, we shouldn’t have been dealing with the same self-esteem issues that we faced on day one.

5. Your idea of marriage and family wasn’t a partnership, but a carefully laid out plan that you created—all on your own. I didn’t want to hear that “this is the way it’s going to be with my husband and my kids.” Over time, it became clear that you wanted a “yes man” instead of a partner, and I just wasn’t interested in that type of position.

So I guess with all of those reasons, what I’m really trying to say is: I ONLY liked it … and that’s why I didn’t put a ring on it.
I hope I’ve made things clear.

Real Housewives of Atlanta-Season 2

Well Sassy Muffins need I say it’s pretty much official that the diva’s of the Bravo reality series REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA has been upgraded to a season 2. It’s not like we didn’t know this would happen plus if it brings Bravo money why not? Considering the show averaged 1.5 million viewers and went on to set records as being the only docu-drama to ever move on to well over two million viewers for a single show. It’s being reported that the bling bling reunion show was viewed by 2.8 million nosey and wanted to be foolishly entertained folks, which included yours truly.

The dates for the premiere of the next season has yet to be released. At present it’s not sure if all or just a few of the original cast will be returning. Hopefully all of them will be returning because you know who will surely be tuned in every week to get my fix. Ummm yeah and I’ll be back to post about NeNe real soon. Her and Lisa were my favorite Housewives.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Per the King:
"I am debuting my new movie "I Am King" for my new fragrance "I Am King" which is available exclusively at Macy's. This fragrance is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and all you men out there who take care of your families and respect and treat yourself like the Kings that we are all. I would like to also announce that this is my audition tape for the next James Bond. There is a black president and it's time for there to be a black Bond. God Bless..."