Monday, September 29, 2008

Video Vixen: Love Triangle or Haters? You Decide!

Now for real for real I really don’t even know where to begin so if I pick up mid way through and lose a few of you slower sassy muffins- trust and know I apologize ahead of time. Just try to stay with me.
Okay see what had happened was Karrine Steffans has been accused of being a publicity whore and many will say she sent in a bogus email to a few bloggers wherein she was describing and elaborating on a fabulous LOVE TRIANGLE. The infamous triangle involves Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Angela Simmons, and Chris Foxx. Now me personally as educated as I be can’t begin to sort this out so in great hood fashion I’ll let you figure it out while I relax and do something a little more productive like take a hot shower and nurse my cold so I can go to work in the morning. Blogging for me is simply pre-writing exercises so haters don’t ever get it twisted. Double kisses sassy muffins! I’m out.

“First and foremost I do not know Karrine personally but we have met on a handful of occasions. Who I do know though are these three men playing roles in her life at the moment. Of course with Karrine it’s pretty much all about whats hot “at the moment”. I’m not sure if it’s for the rush or the attention but like we’ve seen in the past she has the tendency to wiggle her way in close to whoever is hot at the moment (ex. Ja Rule) and in this case that would be “the best rapper alive” Lil Wayne.
Wayne and Karrine’s relationship dates all the way back to Spring 2007 but other than a few rolls in the bed things didn’t heat up for them until early this year after Lauren London broke off her engagement to Wayne. Karrine came running to Miami, Atlanta and all points between to be with him whether it was off days shooting videos are spending days at a time on his tour bus or studio sessions. Of course has a life back in Los Angeles which of course includes raising a son on her own so their time together either consisted of her trips across the country or when Wayne would be in LA on business. Of course this kind of relationship can be a strain on any relationship and when you’re dealing with someone like Wayne you know to keep up that relationship is impossible. But while the public thought he and Karrine split due to the reemergence of Nivea it actually had a lot to do with Karrine’s new bed buddy Bow Wow who spent the spring and summer out in LA filming episodes of ‘Entourage’ and going where pretty much all of hip hop has gone before.
Bow Wow and Karrine’s relationship went undetected by most people for almost three months until the TK and Angela Simmons break up occurred. Angela immediately ran to cry on the shoulder of her ‘first love’ Bow Wow and of course this didn’t sit well with Karrine who cut out. Supposedly Angela and Bow Wow both are crazy in love with each other but Angela’s been hurt by Bow before and Bow also is torn between the person he should be with which is Angela and the person his penis and ego and reputation want which is Karrine. So after Angela ran crying to Bow after TK betrayed her; Bow invited her to meet him in Florida for the T-Pain party at which they were photographed at. After learning of this Karrine sunk into Bow Wow and really let him have it. Bow and Karrine were pretty much off and Bow and Angela tried to make another play at it. About that time your post went up and blew the lid off the entire thing.
Ironically right after your blog post a new song featuring Lil Wayne popped up on the internet containing somewhat of a diss to Karrine on the song. (You can hear the track on her site That following week Bow Wow shows up to New York fashion week damn near attached to the hip of Angela Simmons and within a weeks time both of Karrine’s young boys turned the tables on her. So what does she do? She enlist another young one who’s ironically associated with both Bow Wow and Lil Wayne.
So after she hears Wayne putting her names in songs and Bow throwing Angela in her face, she pops up on her new young boy CHris Foxx’s page and claims to be “filling in” while he attends fashion week. Despite that little subtle “i’m moving on” kind of move; Media Takeout runs the rumor that she and Bow Wow are engaged. So to combat the rumors and piss her other men off. Karrine goes ‘missing’ for a few days and has her new young one Chris Foxx “guest host” her website while she’s away and has him drop hits about marriages, engagement rings and Vegas. What i think he thought was a joke i believe she was using him to bait the other two who obviously are quite familiar with this guy. I also think she left him out to dry by saying on that first video that Chris Foxx sent the song by Wayne to her.
I read in the XXL that she told Wayne she loved him but she’s going to wind up hurt and alone playing this new little love triangle she tangled in.”

Now this email was sent by someone to another blogger. My question is who and why. WTF?

Keep in mind muffins I don’t edit quotes so don’t get at me by phone, email, Myspace, and etc. telling me to proofread ish. I proofreads errything but I don’t and will not alter and clean up quotes.

Baller Alert:D. Wade Speaks?!

Well hell and hell! Dwayne Wade the NBA baller and shot caller has finally spoken about his personal life. Now Dewayne and I attended the same university at the same time and a few of the same classes ummm yeah. So this brings big crocodile tears to my china like eyes that he and his lovely wife is splitting. Now before I drop the quote on you let me preach to the choir. Just because they are divorcing don’t think you’ll be the next Mrs. Wade. Don’t even do it to yourself or stress yourself out like that with goals that are too unreachable. Dewayne and his wife ,Siohvaughn, were high school sweethearts. She will always have his heart and his mind no matter who he is creeping with. Trust and believe! Wade offered the media very little concerning his martial affairs.

“I keep my personal life my personal life. You try to keep it as private as you can. When things leak out, it’s not always the truth. Some is. All you can do is continue being who you are. A lot of things have come out about me, and people are going to think what they want to think. But at the end of the day, no one knows what’s happened in my life to get to the point where me and my wife, our family, not being together.
When the time comes, I will make one statement and that’s it. Like anyone else, I want my privacy respected. Let people say what they want to say about me. I hear it. I get mad about it. But it doesn’t get me down. It adds fuel to the fire.”

T.I. Celebrating B-Day!

Hip-Hop Icon T.I. celebrated in style this weekend at his “Suited and Booted” B-Day Bash at the Biltmore Hotel. The community favored Atlanta based rapper turned a young and fly 28. By his side was his future wife Tiny in all of her hood glamour and royalty. Yes indeed her outfit was cute perhaps even adorable but the kool aid hair- caused I’m sure a many a “side eye” stares. Anywhos moving right along on this here ish. So much to say and so little time!