Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who You Calling A FAT Beeyotch? Star Jones VS. Erica Watson

It seems Star Jones Reynolds is out to help no one, that is, if you look at her recent run-in with comedian Erica Watson. Watson, invited the former TV personality to check out her one-woman show about plus-size women, 'Fat Bitch,' but Jones Reynolds let her know she has no plans to support it and blocked her from further contact on Twitter. What began as Watson telling her she would like to give her a free ticket to check out the show led to Jones Reynolds ' private, direct message to "Please don't advertise on my timeline. I don't allow people to promote their personal endeavors. Delete or I'll have to block." Watson took to The Huffington Post to say her peace, calling her an 'evil mean bitch.' Jones Reynolds should have learned to hush up after her recent firing from 'The Insider,' alas some folks never learn. Meanwhile, Watson's show will probably get some A-list press with Sandra Bernhard confirmed to stop by and 'The View's 'Sherri Sheperd (who is genuinely charming to everyone) has also said she would check it out. Then, that "Fat Bitch" -- who's happy being plus-sized -- may totally get the last laugh. [Huffington Post]

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