Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tameka Foster Acting A Damn Fool At The NBA All-Star Game Weekend!


Talking about the pot calling the kettle black? Former celebrity stylist and professional gold digger Tameka Foster is looking for a new publicist after their very public blow up in Dallas this weekend.

According to close friends of Atlanta publicist Rochelle Brown of The V Firm PR, Tameka Foster threatened Brown and accused her of stealing $20,000 worth of clothes in what turned out to be a major misunderstanding.

But Tameka, being the unstable person that she is, took the whole misunderstanding to another level by physically threatening her frightened publicist, who is now contemplating taking out a police report against Foster.

Friends say Brown was hired by Foster to help repair her damaged image after her very public divorce from R&B singer Usher.

Here’s how it all went down:

Foster and Brown went to Dallas, Texas together to attend the NBA All Star festivities this past weekend. The ladies went out on Saturday night and then Brown decided to stay in Foster’s room at the luxurious boutique hotel ZaZa.

On Sunday morning, the ladies prepared to fly back to Atlanta. A bellman placed Foster’s bags in Brown’s rental car. Everything went down hill from there.

According to friends, Foster and Brown’s plan was to eat brunch at the Ritz Carlton hotel before leaving for the airport. But at the last minute, Brown had errands to run. So she took off on her errands with Foster’s bags in the car.

Feeling some kind of way about eating by herself on Valentine’s Day (and because Usher was in Dallas with another woman), Foster began bombarding Brown’s cell phone with text messages, basically annoying the young publicist about returning to the hotel to eat with her.

When Brown refused to return her calls or texts, Foster called Usher’s mom Jonetta and her other influential friends in Atlanta in an attempt to ruin the publicist’s good name. These people, who only heard Tameka’s side of the story, called Brown asking why she was stealing Foster’s luggage and informing her that Foster was about to call the police.

When Brown agreed to return to the hotel, Foster and a female employee of Magic Johnson’s sat in wait for her across the street from the Ritz.

A huge blow up occurred when Brown pulled into the lot. Foster — and Johnson’s employee — jumped out of their car and confronted Brown. Foster went ballistic accusing Brown of being a scam artist and a thief. At that point, Foster threatened Brown’s life — like she always does when she doesn’t get her way.

For the record, Brown’s family is far from broke. Brown left behind a career in medicine to go into the PR profession because she felt she can make a difference.

Brown’s friends speak very highly of her and feel that Foster is attempting to ruin her career. They describe her as intelligent, hard working and loyal. In addition to that, Brown agreed to take on Foster as a client when no one wanted to work with her.

Brown jumped right in helping to make a difference in Tameka’s life and building relationships in the non-profit community for her foundation, Lost Ones. Brown also helped secure national magazine interviews for Foster. It was Brown’s suggestion that Foster forgo wearing a wedding gown in the Upscale magazine photo spread because it wouldn’t help her image.

When reached for comment, Brown refused to throw Tameka under the bus. Even after all the drama, Brown still respects Foster.

Brown said of Foster:

“I look at her as being a mother first and foremost regardless of who she was married to. She has school age kids and I refuse to contribute to all of that negativity. She is a very good mother and her kids know me, they’ve been in my car. I just want everybody to watch MTV2 Sprite Step Off every Sunday at 3 p.m. That is all.” [sandrarose.com]

Now here I go on Tameka...every since she stole from the words and pages of my spiritual sister, Aisha Curry's book, Pretty For a Black Girl, and denied it I was through with that trick pony! Smh.

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