Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NBA Baller Jayson Williams In The Hospital

According to TMZ.com former NBA baller, Jayson Williams, is being held at a medical facility for observations. We'll keep Jayson as well as his family in our prayers. The hoopster was in the news a few months ago as wife filed for divorced and aired out the intimacies of their relationship. The story is below.

We just spoke to the attorney of Jayson Williams -- the former New Jersey Net that was tasered early this morning after an alleged NY hotel freak-out. He's playing down the cops' claims that Jayson was "suicidal."

Joe Hayden tells us Jayson -- who is currently under evaluation at St. Vincent's Hospital -- "has no knowledge of a suicide attempt or being suicidal" and is at the medical facility for a "medical condition."

Hayden also said Jayson "has not been arrested."

Earlier today, sources told us a woman called 911 on Jayson at 4:28 AM, saying he was causing a disturbance -- and that alcohol or prescription drugs were involved.

Cops later confirmed empty prescription drug bottles were found at the scene -- and that they had to Taser Jayson, handcuff him and ship him over to St. Vincent's for psychological evaluation.

Sources say Williams will be staying in the hospital overnight for observation.

Christina Milian, The Dream, and Nelly

C-Mili, The Dream, and Nelly were spotted in Monte Carlo for a poker charity event.

Monday, April 27, 2009

D. Woods Breaks Her Silence Sort Of...

I rarely just pick up post, however I spotted this at Globalgrind.com and found it rather odd but very interesting because ya girl is real good at reading between the lies oops I mean lines. I know Diddy won't be too happy about what she blogged. It doesn't say very much but just enough. I wish her well and of course we will all miss DK.

Friends, romans, country men, play cousins, and all my single ladies...lend
me your ears! I've learned that many of you may be disappointed and even
upset by the recent course of events with my departure from Danity Kane; I
am as well. However, the evil that men do lives beyond them, the good is
often forgotten, and how quickly we forget how this whole thing started. You
may want to know what happened to bring us to this point, you wonder if it
was real and when the punch line will roll in. You are searching for answers
and closure.

I am truly sorry for the disappointment and even more sorry to
tell you that you will never find the answers or what's real, while watching
"reality" tv. The concoction of lies, truth, and entertainment has been the
main course on the menu you've been eating for quite some time my friends. However, I am confident that the truth will "come out" when the sh*t hits the fan, literally!

When that great day comes you can come find me. Uninspired and
malnutritioned as you may be from the mediocracy...you can find me. I'll be
by myself, standing on a bare stage ready to light a fire in the hearts and
minds of you all. No well oiled machine to crank out thoughts, feelings and
images for you to consume, it will be just me. And we will feed off
each other to create a new movement of what we want to see on stage and on screen. I hope you will continue to support me and that I will see you once I emerge from the constraints of the smoke and mirrors.

The revolution will not be televised...that b*tch went digital! Man against
the machine.

Ya girl D.woods

Exclusive for globalgrind.com

Kim Kardashian: Do Blonds Have More Fun?

Kim is trying to figure out if blonds really do have more fun. Word on the streets is that K-Dash had a photo shoot over the weekend and had the weave added and has been rocking it *ery* since. Her fans love it but has voiced all over Twitter.com they really really love her with darker hair. She's such a cutie it doesn't really matter either way.

Ciara: Webisode Week 1

I spotted Princess Super C's video blog and thought it was rather interesting. I am looking forward to the release of Fantasy Ride.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just wanted to let my lovelies know that TWITTER.COM is soooo the place to be. Don't get left behind and miss out on one hecky of a great social networking family. Be there or be square. When in doubt just Twitter me baby!

Special shout out to my elite and oh sooooo fabulous Twitter friends til the end!


Just wanted to let my daily bloggers who stop by looking for my air of at-ti-tude and sassiness on certain issues poppin off. Yes, I have been a miss because I had to put the finishing touches on my 2nd book, which will be out soon. Never fear I am always near though. It's just at certain times I get super super busy and overwhelmed with work. Most of you know blogging for me is simply a hobby and not a full time situation. But I'm back and you always know I will bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly as often as I can. Thanks sassy muffins and bling kisses and mink hugs to you too! Too-dles!

Chili Hosts Dasani Style Event

The oh so lovely Chili hosted an event for bottled H2o(water)company,DASANI. According to Concreteloop.com the event was aimed at recharging and refreshing women in a blig and relaxing environment. Sounds like fun as Chili was joined by Miss Goggle me herself,Teyanna.


Yes, I was half watching the NFL Draft and eyed a sho-nuff piece of eye-candy. It's something about the swag or Diddy Bop of wide receivers that yours truly really enjoys. I see you baby! **giggles**


Michael Crabtree, a former wide receiver at Texas Tech, was selected 10th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. Crabtree was a two-time Biletnikoff Award winner as the nation's top wide receiver. Crabtree decided to forgo his final two years of eligibility at Texas Tech and enter the 2009 NFL Draft. He is the first Texas Tech player selected in the first round since DT Gabriel Rivera in 1983. Michael Crabtree is 6-feet, 3-inches tall and weighs 214 pounds.

Beyonce Obsessed

Well precious hearts Beyonce's movie graced the big screens yesterday and the reviews have been favorable. I have gotten calls from here and there and folk seem to love it, especially in the ATL. Below are a few flicks from the movie premiere where Beyonce's co-star Idris Elba was expected to be a no show for a gang of reasons. Anywho-who- he showed up-go figure!

Buffie The Body: Vixen Icon

Well ladies and gents I guess it's true and true-er! Video vixen, Buffie The Body, has a new book blessing the shelves in a few months. And, it's a tell-all...sheeeesh! I have found the official synopsis and a few reviews from her peeps plus the infamous and notorious excerpt that's flying around the net about to crash and burn. I have no real words for the topic so without further a do...drum roll please! **side eye stare**
P.S. Should be an interesting summer between the Video Vixen *SuperHead* and the Video Vixen Buffie The Body...let the bitchassness...oops...I mean games begin. **giggles**

Buffie leads the pack as music videos triple-thick temptress. --Black Men Magazine

Buffie the Body is like nothing you've ever seen! --XXL Magazine

Star. Legend. Icon. She s unmistakable. --SummerBunnies.com

Product Description
Finally, the bar will be set and the truth will be told. Buffie Carruth, known as the legendary Buffie the Body, takes readers from ATL'S most wanted dancer, most sought-after YouTube actress, leading lady in G-Unit and other music videos, an in-demand ringtone wallpaper model, the most sought-after prison wall pinup girl in America and most curvaceous woman in the world, to book author with her highly anticipated expose of the industry, Vixen Icon. Buffie gives readers a Making-of-the-Body look behind the videos and cover shots and reveals the Who, the What, and the Why of the industry and leaves no opinion unwritten. The very assets that have made her the most downloaded Web girl have set the stage for ladies everywhere to swing their hips proudly. Often compared to other vixens, Buffie the Body is a far cry from the Superheads of the industry; Vixen Icon proves the Body is the most prominent and illustrious Icon the world has seen for years to come.

EXCERPT via Balleralert.com

I started an epidemic with my big booty and dark skin. It seems as if my features weren’t accepted by the industry until I came around. In 2005 even, there wasn’t anyone like me; it’s possible this is why I was so successful. Maybe people were tired of looking at the same slim, light-skinned chicks. I feel like I brought something new to the game; I brought change and diversity and the world loved it.

When I first started modeling, the first thing I felt like I had to do was more important to me than anything else: to not look behind me and end up right back in the strip clubs. When I was blessed enough to get away from that lifestyle, I promised myself I would do everything I could morally to not ever dance again.

I will never regret anything I’ve ever done in my life. I have a love/hate attitude towards the strip game. I love and honor the experience, the money and the hustle and grind; the lessons are priceless. I learned something valuable from every club and every city I visited. What I learned has brought me here, where I sit writing now, without the Superhead nonsense.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I may not always know the reason, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve made mistakes like hell in my life but I promise you one thing, I did learn from my mistakes and my mistakes made me a better person. I don’t have a perfect life, but I’m happy and I love God and I know He has my back no matter what. My past will always be something I’ll talk about with my head held high. But did I feel like I wanted to dance forever? Hell no! That chapter in my life is over!


Well precious hearts Diddy has re-introduced us to a new and improved SWAG-infamously called **DIDDY BOP**.Don't hate the playa hate the game. You already know bitchassness is a real disease and trust and believe there is a cure.